Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Book Review: Never Have I Ever

TITLE: Never Have I Ever
Book 2 in The Lying Game series
AUTHOR: Sara Shepard
GENRE: mystery, drama, contemporary
PREMISE: Emma continues the search for her sister's killer
MY REVIEW: For some reason I enjoy the Lying Game books more then the Pretty Little Liars books. No, I don't get it either. But there it is. Whereas in TV I'm the opposite, I enjoy PLL more then The Lying Games TV show (though I think both are mediocre and LOL worthy). Go figure, right?
I think part of it is, there are actually characters in The Lying Game I actually like and sympathize with whereas in PLL I just want to smack EVERYONE. Granted, some characters in this series are just as trying as the PLL characters (particularly Sutton, good god is it wrong that I'm happy she's dead in this because if she was alive like on the show I'd spend a majority of the books wanting to bitch slap her more then I do with Allison from PLL and that's saying something because I loathe Allison with the fire of a thousand burning suns). Okay, back from ranting about horrible Sutton...I actually mildly like Emma and I find some of the friends entertaining even if I personally probably wouldn't be friends with any of these girls except maybe Char. As always with Shepard the mystery is deep and complex and I'm not sure who dun it yet which is a compliment to mystery writers.
So if you were a fan of the first Lying Game book you'll like this. I will say, I hope this doesn't go on forever like PLL. Part of the problem I have with PLL is it's kind of ridiculous that they don't know who it is after all these books. I mean, these girls have to be the dumbest detectives ever. Nancy Drew would not approve.
WHO SHOULD READ: PLL fans, those that have read the first book
MY RATING: Three and a half out of Five mysterious texts


  1. I knwo a lot of people that like PLL, but I've never read the books or seen the show.

  2. I'm rather embarressed at how much I like PLL even though in all honesty the show is rather ridiculous. It's like the ultimate guilty pleasure. Desperate Housewives for Teens I call it.