Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Book Review: Article 5

TITLE: Article 5
Book 1 in the new Article 5 series
AUTHOR: Kristen Simmons
GENRE: Dystopian, drama, adventure
PREMISE: In a world that restricts your rights a girl escapes her captors after being arrested.
MY REVIEW: Here's the thing, I liked this book a lot, I just didn't really connect with it. I'm not sure if that's my own fault or the author's still. It is a decently written book that gives you a lot to think about. I mean I for one have absolutely no problem picturing this happening, particularly when one listens to the rhetoric going on in the current GOP race (no offense to any conservatives, I am highly aware that not all of you think like the blockheads running at the moment; for the record blockheads is the kindest term I can think of at the moment considering much of the junk coming out of the race has been filling me with either "I can't believe this" laughter or endless rage). Seriously, this book made me think of all the commentary from the race so much it's not funny. I apologize for talking politics here, I try to do that on my tumblr only and give you guys books instead, it's just that this book is so relevant to what's going on right now I just had to mention it.
Okay, off the soapbox now, as a book this is interesting and a very nice solid start to a dystopian world I'm intrigued by. I just didn't fall in utter love with it and I think part of that is the main character. She was just...dull really. I didn't really get any time to get to know her or care about her. It was just one chapter and then boom off on the adventures. Granted the pace is great in this book but I just have a hard time connecting with a book when I can't get into the main character. Perhaps now that we've gotten the romance part out of the way in the first (I hope) the author will focus more on the characters instead of developing romance.
So I think this is a very decent start to a interesting looking series. I just hope I get into the next one more. But this is a intrigueing dystopian for sure and as seen by my ranting, very relevant in this particular political climate.
WHO SHOULD READ: dystopian fans, those that like action
MY RATING: Four out of Five bastardized versions of the constitution

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