Saturday, February 11, 2012

Book Review: Wildthorn

TITLE: Wildthorn
AUTHOR: Jane Eagland
GENRE: glbt, historical fiction, drama
PREMISE: A girl is sent away to a insane asuylum by her family...
MY REVIEW: First up, this book features a lesbian romance. If you do not like glbt books for whatever reason you come up with then this book will not be for you. I will say again: I will not tolerate any flaming I get for reading or promoting glbt books. You are welcome to believe what you believe but don't expect me to go along with you on it.
That said, this was a decent book. Granted, it's a wee bit slow moving and I sort of feel the author hit you over the head a bit with the feminist message and I felt it was rather biased towards one point of view but for the most part, I enjoyed this. It's a strong character piece that really shows what women had to put up with in Victorian England. I'll give you hint: it wasn't fun.
Maybe not the best book ever but romance was sweet and even while I didn't think it was terribly subtle in the message I did like what it had to say.
WHO SHOULD READ: glbt book fans, historical fiction fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five gowns

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