Friday, February 3, 2012

Book Review: So Silver Bright

TITLE: So Silver Bright
Book 3 in the Theatre Illuminate Trilogy
AUTHOR: Lisa Mantchev
GENRE: fantasy, romance, adventure
PREMISE: Bertie and co. return to the theatre for a final showdown.
MY REVIEW: This is a trilogy that I'm sorry to see go. It was creative, fun (have I mentioned I ADORE the fairies?), had a love triangle that didn't irritate me for once, and was just a enjoyable series to read. Yes, I give sometimes it jumped around a lot, there's a lot of what the hell moments, and sometimes humor felt misplaced.
But overall this was a solid series. The author brought it to a logical conclusion. I'm happy with the way things turned out, especially in the love triangle as I was rooting for Nate (nothing against Ariel, but that wouldn't have worked out for reasons shown in this book). It was nice seeing people in a love triangle using their heads and behaving reasonably for a change and not making it out to be this great romantic thing because the truth is being in a love triangle is awkward and probably not fun for anyone. Also I just have to give a lot of love to Bertie. She is so refreshing as a main character. She's not mopey, she deals with her stuff, she owns up to mistakes, and cares about something other then her boyfriend.
If you've loved the first two books in this trilogy, you will be satisfied with this ending. Please Lisa Mantchev, WRITE MORE BOOKS!
WHO SHOULD READ: fans of the first two books, theatre buffs
MY RATING: Four out of Five playbills

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