Friday, February 17, 2012

Book Review: A Million Suns

TITLE: A Million Suns
Book 2 in the Across the Universe series
AUTHOR: Beth Revis
GENRE: science fiction, romance
PREMISE: Amy and Elder deal with the fallout that happened after the death of Eldest.
MY REVIEW: Okay I admit it, I wasn't terribly impressed with Across the Universe. It was decent for a first book but I didn't find anything mind-blowing about it. But I picked up the second book because it was good enough to give the author a second chance (I'm doing this with the sequel to Wither as well because I'm hoping the sequel will explain stuff more thouroughly). Now some of the faults I found in the first one still persist here: Amy is Mary Sueish (though at least this time she was a bit helpful), I still can't tell personalities apart which when you're doing alternate points of views is a problem, and it still has more science fiction tropes then you can shake a Wookie at (no Wookies were harmed during the reading of this book ;), though I may have abused the word "illogical" more then Spock).
But I do see a definite improvement from the first book and I actually enjoyed this one more then the first. Mostly because the author focused more on the plot instead of the boring stock romance that is Elder/Amy (sorry, they're a sweet and all, but they're a boring and predictable couple). The plot was actually interesting and sort of gave the character of Orion some depth which I appreciated even if it didn't make me like him more. But plot was much more involved this time which was a nice switch and that cliffhanger was genius.
So while again, not mind blowing, there is definitely improvement here so I give Revis much props for that and where she took the plot. I actually am now much more excited for the third book coming next year.
WHO SHOULD READ: fans of Across the Universe
MY RATING: Four out of Five spacesuits

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