Saturday, July 23, 2011

Book Review: Perchance to Dream

TITLE: Perchance to Dream
Book 2 in the Theatre Illuminata series
AUTHOR: Lisa Mantchev
GENRE: fantasy, romance, drama
SHORT PREMISE: Bertie and Ariel search for Nate
MY REVIEW: Bertie has lost Nate to the Sea Witch and goes hunting for him along with the help of Ariel and her trusty fairy sidekicks. Unfortunately things would be a lot easier if her magic that she now has due to being Mistress of Revels actually worked or if she didn't find herself falling for Ariel as well as Nate...
The Theatre Illuminata series will not appeal to everyone. It's a quirky series and if you don't like odd narration writing or telling then you probably won't care for it. Admitedly even I, a huge fan of this series, sometimes do scratch my head over what's going on. But on the whole, the series is worth it. It's hilarious for one, mostly due to the comedic fairy sidekicks. Plus, it's refreshingly original with it's magic usage and ideas. Even the cliche love triangle is somewhat refreshing because for once we have no idea who Bertie would go for and actually Bertie is in fact equally in love with both (which totally gives me hope for a threesome even though that will probably never happen as it's YA). It was nice getting backstory on Bertie's past as well as character stuff.
So if one is willing to overlook the slightly zany plotting and the fact that it can be occasionally slow, this series is a real treat. I'm definitely looking forward to reading the third book that comes out in August.
WHO SHOULD READ: Terry Pratchett fans, fans of Eyes Like Stars
MY RATING: Four out of Five excitable fairy sidekicks

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