Thursday, July 14, 2011

Book Review: The Dark Lord of Derkholm

TITLE: The Dark Lord of Derkholm
AUTHOR: Diana Wynne Jones
CATEGORY: Childrens
GENRE: fantasy
SHORT PREMISE: Derk becomes a Dark Lord to battle evil
MY REVIEW: In a fantasy world a tyrant has risen forching magical beings to host tourists and mock battles and the council has had enough. They choose a wizard to step into the role of Dark Lord in the hopes of getting rid of the tyrant once and for all. To bad, that wizard is Derk who would rather not be bothered at all.
For those that don't know because there was barely any acknowledgement of it all, the wonderful Diana Wynne Jones passed away earlier this year. I am still in morning because this woman was one of my favorite authors. If you have not read Howl's Moving Castle or The Chrestomanci Chronicles then I suggest you do so. If you have, then Dark Lord of Derkholm is more of Jone's wonderfully hilarious and creative writing that lovingly pokes fun at the fantasy tropes. Like all her books, this one keeps you laughing and is an enjoyable ride. Could it be a tad more structured and did it maybe drag? Sure. But it was still a good read.
I am going to miss Jone's books. She was a great author. If you have never picked up one of Jone's books, I strongly rec them.
WHO SHOULD READ: Diana Wynne Jones fans, Terry Pratchett fans, Neil Gaiman fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five griffins

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