Saturday, July 2, 2011

Book Review: Bad Girls Don't Die

TITLE: Bad Girls Don't Die
First book in a so far two part series
AUTHOR: Katie Alender
CATEGORY: Young adult
GENRE: paranormal, mystery
SHORT PREMISE: A girl's sister gets possessed by a ghost.
MY REVIEW: Alexis is a rebel in a place that doesn't understand her or her sister. Then her sister starts acting strange. In order to find out what's going on with her, she must reach out to people she normally wouldn't including the head cheerleader, her parents, even a guy who's kind of cute (not that she noticed).
Yet another great offering by Disney Hyperion who are really impressing me with decent fantasy/paranormal books. So far I haven't found one bad book by their publisher. Alexis is a great main character. She has a personality but isn't perfect, she cares about stuff other then OMG!Who am I going to date? She could care LESS about popularity. She's assertive, thinks for herself, and cares about her family as imperfect as they may be. I further appreciated that Alender didn't stereotype in this book. In fact, she pointed out the fallacies of stereotyping. Goth kids can be just as mean and cruel as populars and likewise just because a person is popular doesn't mean they're mean and cruel. Even the mean girl was vaguely interesting (I hope she gets some developement in the next book). All the characters, even the side ones were nicely fleshed out and as a bonus it had ghosts and a old mystery in a creepy house. We all know how much I love those :) After this book I may never look at dolls the same way.
Is it a brilliant book? No. The romance could also have been developed better and the ending was a tad rushed but I am most definitely looking forward to the sequel which just came out in June so I better get on it.
WHO SHOULD READ: paranormal fans, fans of the Exorcist
MY RATING: Four out of Five creepy eyed dolls

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