Thursday, May 5, 2011

Book Review: Fallen Grace

TITLE: Fallen Grace
AUTHOR: Mary Hooper
CATEGORY: Young adult
GENRE: historical fiction, drama
PREMISE: 2 girls struggle to survive in Victorian England.
MY REVIEW:Yet another book I wasn't blown away by. In this book's case it wasn't that it was horrible. It was just that it was so DULL. There is some very nice writing in here, particularly when the author describes the historical scenes. But other then that and a good beginning I was just bored with this and waiting for it to be over.
Part of the problem is that it's predictable. Another part is that it's so repetitive. The sisters go through bad circumstance after bad circumstance and of course get rewarded at the end by getting a huge inheritance and everyone's happy! Really?
Again, this book does have some nice writing and if you just want a atmospheric historical novel but don't care about the plot persay then this book is for you.
WHO SHOULD READ: historical fiction fans
MY RATING: three out of five teacups

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