Saturday, February 10, 2018

Book Review: Wild Beauty

TITLE: Wild Beauty
AUTHOR: Anna-Marie McLemore
PUBLISHED: October 2017
GENRE: Magical Realism
PREMISE: A family of five girls tries to solve a family curse...
MY REVIEW: I know what you all are thinking: again with the magical realism? Yes. Again. I can't help it. It seems to be my curse to be drawn to this genre over and over again despite being disappointed in it over and over again. In my defense, this particular book was sent in one of my OwlCrate boxes so I didn't actually seek it out, it just found me, you could say.
This one had all those magical realism things going on in it: family drama, magical things happening that have no explanation whatsoever, really gorgeous prose. Unlike other magical realism though, this one was at least easy to follow. I did see some sort of plot. I also did actually like this one. It helped that, unlike a lot of magical realism I've come across, this does not have toxic relationships (both family-wise and romantic-wise).
Like most magical realism, this one is very weird. Don't go into it expecting full answers for things like why do the sisters have these gifts, etc. But I do think this is one of the more accessible magical realism books I've read. It might be a good one for people to try to see if this weird genre is for them.
WHO SHOULD READ: Anna-Marie McLemore fans, Like Water for Chocolate fans, Waverly Family series fans, Practical Magic fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five magical flowers

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