Friday, March 17, 2017

Book Review: Lost in a Book

TITLE: Beauty and the Beast-Lost in a Book
AUTHOR: Jennifer Donnelly
PUBLISHED: January 31rst, 2017
CATEGORY: Middle-Grade
GENRE: Fantasy/Media Tie-In
PREMISE: Taking place during Belle's time in the castle, this new story shows Belle getting sucked into an enchanted book in Beast's castle.
MY REVIEW: Sorry for my absence this week. It's been a busy few days. But I have been reading. I just haven't been blogging. Today, since the movie is coming out, I thought I'd do a review about one of Disney's many Beauty and the Beast tie-in books. I randomly picked this one up because a) I admit, I'm excited for the film. b) Jennifer Donnelly wrote it, and aside from the mermaid series, I have liked most of what she's written.
Sadly...this is more along the lines of her mermaid series which had great imagination...but really dumbed down writing.  This is more of that and look authors, I get it can be a change to write MG when you've previously written adult fiction or YA. But you don't have to dumb down the writing just because you're writing for a younger audience. I swear reading Donnelly's MG books in comparison to her adult or YA just feels like two completely different authors. I have to say, I prefer the adult/YA writer.
Story wise...this was honestly just okay. I have to say, if this is how the movie Belle is going to be, then I'll probably enjoy the movie because I like this really smart and spunky Belle. I also enjoy the family dynamics between the servants. These peeks into what the movie may be like, are interesting. But on the whole...the book is just average.
WHO SHOULD READ: Major Beauty and the Beast fans, younger readers
MY RATING: Three and a half out of Five enchanted books just laying around for...reasons I guess

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