Saturday, July 25, 2015

Reading Through the Classics: The Stranger

TITLE: The Stranger
AUTHOR: Albert Camus
CATEGORY: Classic/Modern Classic (depending on what your definition of modern classic is)
GENRE: This has been labeled as philosophy on most sites. I guess it is. I've never taken philosophy so I don't know for sure.
PREMISE: A man tells of a murder he committed in two parts, as it happened and during his trial.
PAGES: 123
MY THOUGHTS: This is another classic that was on my TBR list that I decided to finally just get out of the way. It was short after all. I knew nothing about it beyond the summary when I went into it.
This is not a book I would pick up if you want a light and fluffy, hopeful, entertainment reading. It's very dark, and its topics are heavy. There's much introspection and very little dialogue. I suspect probably those who actually know something about philosophy, would probably get more out of this then As I mentioned above, I've never taken philosophy. But from what I've read up on this book, this is considered a good book in those circles. I'll have to take their word for it.
This is a case where having a class on this one, may have been more beneficial then reading it on my own. I did get it, in a way. I just think perhaps if there was a teacher around to explain some of the ideas going around, I might have gotten more out of it.
WHO SHOULD READ: philosophy majors, those interested in philosophy, those who like dark books that ponder the human condition

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