Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Book Review: The Miniaturist

TITLE: The Miniaturist
AUTHOR: Jessie Burton
GENRE: Historical Fiction/Magical Realism
PREMISE: A woman goes to live with her new husband and discovers dark secrets about the family.
MY REVIEW: I have so many mixed feelings about this one that I honestly don't know HOW I rate it. If I could rate it based on writing style alone, it'd get a full five stars from me. The writing is gorgeous. The blurbs are not hyperbole where that is concerned.
I will also admit, there's something that is absorbing about it. The author manages to draw you in and is a wonderful story teller. It's just that the rather boring. The thing with the miniaturist is never really given the attention it should have been given (because a) the title is the miniaturist so you would think that'd be the focus, and b) that was the most interesting thing going on). While some of the character dynamics are definitely interesting, ultimately this is a slow and rather dull book. It's not a bad book. I do think there are many things here worth pondering on and discussing. It's just...boring.
Like I said, if I could rate it based on writing style and creation of mood/setting alone, it would get a full five stars from me. But I look at the whole book from characters, to writing, to story. When it came to things like pacing and story...the book fell a little flat. Which unfortunately seems to be a thing when it comes to magical realism.
WHO SHOULD READ: Magical realism fans, patient readers, literature readers
MY RATING: Three and a half out of Five miniatures

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