Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ditched Book Review: A Beautiful Dark

TITLE: A Beautiful Dark
Book 1 in the Beautiful Dark series
AUTHOR: Jocelyn Davies
CATEGORY: Young adult
GENRE: romance, urban fantasy
PREMISE: A girl is fought over by two guys basically.
WHY I DITCHED IT: My resolution this year reading wise was to not bother with books that I can tell from about chapter 5 that I'm seriously going to dislike. If I can tell that soon then I'm just not going to bother with it because life is too short and I've got too many books to read this year to waste it on stuff I'm going to hate every minute of. In the past when I've ditched a book I just haven't reviewed it because I don't think one should review something they haven't seen/read all the way through. This year I'm going to let readers know the book exists and that I attempted to read it and then give my reasons for ditching it. If any of you feel I left off too soon, then please feel free to try and get me to give the book in question another shot but honestly I can't gaurentee I'll do it.
With Beautiful Dark it wasn't that the book was bad, it was just that it was completely unimaginative. Every single idea I saw in these first few chapters has been done to death. Poor little orphan girl caught up in great prophecy? Been done. Love triangle with two guys fighting over a girl? Been done to death. Opposing sides trying to get said girl on their side for whatever dumb reason? Done. Literally I was yawning by chapter ten. Perhaps there's some grand reveal in the end, I don't know but honestly the first part is just so dull I didn't care enough to even power read through to get to the end. None of the characters were compelling in anyway and the writing was pretty generic. It was just same old same old and I've frankly had enough of these books that take ideas from other books and mesh it all together in a utterly uncreative way. I got up to about chapter fifteen before I just couldn't take it anymore.
But hey, if you're a fan of these angel book things, you may like this better then me. It's just I've come to the conclusion that angel books just aren't my thing.

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