Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Book Review: Fox and Phoenix

TITLE: Fox and Phoenix
AUTHOR: Beth Bernobich
GENRE: Fantasy, adventure
PREMISE: In a fantasy world, Kai and his friend Yun go off on a adventure.
MY REVIEW: Like Dragonswood this book reminded me of how much I miss just good old-fashioned fantasy. The author has created a great world here, interesting characters, and has some nice bits of writing in it. If you are an old school fantasy fan chances are, you will love this.
I will say it's a tad predictable. I mean really the only thing to complain about is it tends to drag and I wanted more from the ending but I'm pretty sure there's a sequel coming so I'm not really dissatisfied with that. Plus there's the usual peskyness that comes when a female tries to do a male's POV (and vice versa) in that it doesn't really sound like a guy speaking.
All in all though, this is a satisfying read and I know I want more from this series. Can't wait for the sequel, if one is indeed coming.
WHO SHOULD READ: Tamora Pierce fans, fantasy fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five ghost pigs

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