Tuesday, June 8, 2010

TV Show Review: Pretty Little Liars

TITLE: Pretty Little Liars
BASED ON: Pretty Little Liars books series by Sara Shepard
CHANNEL AND TIME: ABCFamily, Tuesdays at seven
REVIEW: So I just read the first book in the Pretty Little Liars series this past weekend, mostly due to the show starting up. I didn't particularly care about the characters but I did get intrigued by the mystery part of it. So I tuned in (and it was on right before Glee's season finale so that helped, any fellow gleeks out there want to sob with at no more new eps till September?!). I am happy to say they are following the books.
Granted, they are switching stuff around. The ending of the first book happens in this episode but other storylines that happened in the first book are obviously being dragged out and I can't blame them because if they do everything at once then what's the point? I'm pleased to see they are mostly sticking to the mystery part of this as well as keeping the main parts of the drama that were important to the mystery but skipping unneeded filler.
I also am sorry to say this, but am I the only one who feels this actually translates BETTER on screen? Part of my issue with the book was that Shepards writing was terribly amatuerish and I got annoyed with her constant pop culture references/name dropping of brands. We don't get that with the show and on screen it's much more tolerble even if I still feel like the characters bring this all on themselves due to selfish privlidged behavior.
So will I be watching? Yes, but mostly because there's really nothing else on and I want to find out who A is what the Jenna thing was and what it has to do with all of this. Oh, and this really isn't anything constructive but I want Aria's whole wardrobe.
WHO SHOULD WATCH: fans of the books, Gossip Girl fans, you watch ABCFamily regularly (is guilty ;loves Greek;)
MY RATING: Three and a half out of Five-guilty pleasure show

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  1. This genre of book isn't my favorite which is why I haven't read the books. The show was interesting and I have to agree that I'm more intrigued with the mystery than all the other drama. I'll be watching to see who A is.