Saturday, June 26, 2010


TITLE: Toy Story 3
PEOPLE INVOLVED: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack, Whoopi Goldberg and many many others.
CATEGORY: family movie
GENRE: animated, adventure, comedy
PREMISE: Woody and Buzz are back and dealing with the fact that Andy has grown up. Now faced with a uncertain future, what will become of them?
MY REVIEW: I have a big fondness for the Toy Story movies. Some have argued it's actually not Pixar's best work but I don't think that really matters. Pretty much everything Pixar does is good in my (completely biased, I'll admit) opinion. But anyway, back to my fondness, Toy Story is the first computer generated animated feature and introduced me (and others) to Pixar. So while my favorite Pixar movie will probably always be The Incredibles (seriously guys WHEN ARE YOU DOING THE SEQUEL TO THIS?), Toy Story will always be special to me. I also have to commend them too, because I watched the first two movies recently before seeing it yesterday and you know what? It still holds up. I still love it and I'm in my mid-twenties now!
Luckily, Toy Story 3 continues the idea the Pixar makes excellent sequels. It opens with the toys trying to get Andy's attention. See, he's now grown up and their future is uncertain. The once toy cluttered room is now just down to a few toys. Then through a series of events, the toys almost get thrown out. So they decide instead to get themselves donated to the local daycare.
I won't give away the rest of the plot or where they end up but just know the third movie is just as wonderful and heartfelt as the other two. One of the highlights for me in this though were the Ken and Barbie moments. I just love the fun Pixar has with these two (Michael Keaton is incidently the voice of Ken. I'll pause to let you adults giggle over that for a minute). Oh, and did anyone else notice the My Neighbor Totoro doll? As always with Pixar, the animation is georgeous and pays great attention to detail. There are also great jokes in there (spanish Buzz=great love from me) as well as the great heart that Pixar always puts in their films.
Now, Pixar? Please get on that fantasy film you were talking about making. Because you doing fantasy equals me in total heaven. I also wouldn't mind an Incredibles 2 or a Monsters Inc 2. Just saying. We can skip that Cars 2 film you said you were doing though. Cars is quite frankly my least favorite of the films you've done. I still liked it and everything, it's just...I don't really want a sequel for it as much as I do the other two I mentioned.
WHO SHOULD SEE: Pixar fans, those who have seen the first two films
MY RATING: Five out of Five toys (yes, you saw that. There is nothing wrong with this film whatsoever in my opinion)

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