Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Book Review: Frostbite (may contain spoilers for those new to the series)

TITLE: Frostbite
PART IN SERIES: Book 2 in the Vampire Academy series
AUTHOR: Richelle Mead
CATEGORY: Young adult
GENRE: series, vampires, romance, paranormal
PREMISE: Rose's life gets hectic when Strigoi go on a killing rampage and it looks as though morai royals are their targets...
MY REVIEW: Aside from the constant summarizing that Mead felt she needed to do for some reason, I loved this as much as I loved the first vampire academy novel. She starts off fast with the main idea: rogue strigoi, cools down for character and world development and then goes back with interesting plot again up until an exciting finale that will leave you dying for the next book.
I really felt for Rose in this book. She's dealing with the fallout of her thing with Dimitri but she doesn't wallow. She deals with it and tries to be happy for him as well as move on herself (oh how I wish Bella Swann had taken a page from Rose's book...it might have made New Moon more bearable). We also get introduced to new characters who are just as great as the ones in the first book: Rose's mother (lets just say, we learn where Rose gets her stubborness from...),Tasha (I liked her, I'm sorry, and I'm glad Mead didn't try and make her into this she-devil out to ruin Dimitri and Rose's relationship), and Adrian (MY FAVORITE! I am still all for Dimitri and Rose but I really wouldn't mind if these two get together instead, plus it would give us more spectacular hilarious banter/snarkiness). Then we get cute moments with Christian and Lissa (Christian is still my absolute favorite in this, Lissa you lucky woman you) and all the wonderful character interaction that just makes this series for me. I was also pleasantly pleased by the turnaround of Mia. It shows how much these two have grown and been through that by the end of the book they're able have a civil conversation. Just one thing though: MASON! ;goes to sob in a corner;
So in short: just as good as the first. Cannot wait to read the next one. Oh and in case you Vampire Academy fans have been living under a rock, Spirit Bound came out just this past month and Blood Sacrifice comes out later this year (I hope to have caught up with the series by then).
WHO SHOULD READ: those who have read the first book in the series
MY RATING: Four and a half out of Five silver stakes

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