Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Book Review: Dream Life

TITLE: Dream Life
PART IN SERIES: Sequel to Dream Girl
AUTHOR: Lauren Mechling
CATEGORY: Young adult
GENRE: paranormal, mystery
PREMISE: Claire is once more drawn into a crazy mystery via her visions
MY REVIEW: Do not get me wrong, I enjoyed this book. It was as much fun as Dream Girl. My problem is I didn't really see why she bothered to write it. It didn't really solve any of the issues in the first book. The first book had me questioning where these dreams come froom, is there a history behind it, do others get the visions and whatnot. Instead, all I got was basically more of Dream Girl but a different mystery. So while I didn't hate it, it disappointed me.
But luckily the books humor made up for my disapointment that there weren't any questions answered. I loved that there was more Kiki (my favorite character in these two books hands down), and the fashion, and Ian being all fanboy (seriously, I know guys who are JUST LIKE HIM only not as adorable...), and a crazy secret club thing. I will say though, I found this mystery VERY farfetched. I mean, a Mayor trusting TEENAGE GIRLS to install an important cable on an important landmark? I'm sorry, he couldn't have found professionals to do it on the sly? It just...didn't jive for me. But the book is still fun and a good mindless book to lose yourself in. I just hope that if Mechling continues to write these she will a)Figure out some of the backstory behind the visions (I mean why Claire and her grandmother?), and b)have mysterys that make more sense.
WHO SHOULD READ: those who liked Dream Girl, you want a silly fun mystery
MY RATING: Three out of Five crescent moons

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