Thursday, March 25, 2010

Book Review: Sookie Stackhouse 6

TITLE: Definitely Dead
PART IN SERIES: Book 6 in Sookie Stackhouse series
AUTHOR: Charlaine Harris
GENRE: Adult, chick-lit, vampires, fantasy, romance
PREMISE: Sookie is back and her life hasn't gotten any less boring. Not only is she now dealing with the Pelt family and Eric who won't leave her alone, she has a new hot were guy (Quinn) who she's trying to start a relationship with, is dealing with leftover drama from her cousin Hadley's death, and even meets up with the Queen of Louisiana.
MY REVIEW: Opinion of this series hasn't really changed: addictive average chick-lit that is fun to read. End of story. Like all the other books this one has a bunch of random things and developments going on but there are two major revelations that really surprised me. I won't give it away but lets just say one explains quite a bit about Sookie and Jason and their string of relationships with the other sex and the other...really makes you want to strangle Bill. Will not be giving it away for the sake of those that haven't gotten this far in the books, but DAMN.
Other then that, it's the same old southern soap opera with a dash of supernatural that makes this series addicting. I did however notice quite a few typos but I'm not sure if that is the book or just my Kindle version so I'm willing to let that go and again, I still enjoyed the book. Though I have to say as hot as I found Quinn their relationship kind of came out of no where. I mean he shows up in the first chapter and goes "lets start something" and Sookie's practically like "okay sure, I'm single anyway" and it just seemed very random. While it did make for interesting reading, it was again, out of no where. Plus, I'm sorry, I want Eric and Sookie to happen. I find the dynamic between those two fun and interesting(plus with Eric we get more Pam and I find Pam kind of hysterical).
WHO SHOULD READ: those still into the series, True Blood fans, vampire fans, Twilight fans, paranormal/fantasy romance type fans
MY RATING: still three and a half out of five vampires

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