Saturday, March 13, 2010

Book Review: Percy Jackson Book 2

TITLE: The Sea of Monsters
PART IN SERIES: Book 2 in Percy Jackson and the Olympians
AUTHOR: Rick Riordan
GENRE: Childrens, series, action/adventure, fantasy
PREMISE: Percy Jackson returns in his second book and this time he has to find the golden fleece (yes, that golden fleece) in order to save Camp Half Blood.
MY REVIEW: My opinion hasn't changed much from the first book. I still love this series. It also helps that Riordan hasn't stopped the flow of the series either. The second book is just as strong as the first (a few minor typos aside). There is a lot more action this time around, new characters are introduced (how adorable was Tyson?) and there's an ending that has you scrambling to get the next book.
WHO SHOULD READ: reluctant readers in middle school, you loved the first one like I did, greek mythology buffs
MY RATING: Four out of five demi-gods

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