Sunday, March 21, 2010

Book Review: The Last Knight

TITLE: The Last Knight
PART IN SERIES: Book 1 of 2 so far in Knight and Rogue series
AUTHOR: Hilari Bell
GENRE: Young adult, fantasy, adventure
PREMISE: Poor Fisk has been made squire (much against his will thank you) to a crazy noble trying to be a knight. Never mind that there haven't been knights in about two hundred years.
MY REVIEW: Hilari Bell is one of those young adult authors that you don't hear about often and I think it's a sad shame because she writes very well. Her books have complicated characters, interesting fantasy world ideas, and depth. But they don't have the romance which is probably why most teens don't bother to pick her books up. Well, I say if you can only try one of her books pick this one.
Last Knight is a humorous sort of buddy fantasy book. Think Miami Vice or all the other buddy cop shows but if they were set in a fantasy world. Intrigued now? Seriously, pick it up. From the first chapter on with Fisk bemoaning the fact that he is stuck with a crazy person for a partner to the last scene where the two finally admit they maybe sort of like each other this novel is a great ride.
Humor, plus an interesting world, and a complicated mystery/adventure make for a great read but it may not appeal to everyone. I look forward to the next book in the series and hope Bell writes more of these two.
WHO SHOULD READ: You like fun quest stories, you don't mind books with no romance in it
MY RATING: Four out of Five crazy knights

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  1. What a wonderful review. I enjoyed what you said about this book. I may have to check this out :)