Saturday, August 20, 2016

Book Review: A Wicked Thing

TITLE: A Wicked Thing
Book 1 in the A Wicked Thing series
AUTHOR: Rhiannon Thomas
PUBLISHED: February 2015
GENRE: Fantasy, Retelling
PREMISE: A retelling of sleeping beauty where Aurora wakes up to a completely changed world and a prince she doesn't know and doesn't want to marry.
MY REVIEW: This was one of the many of 2015 I said I was going to read and never got around to reading. But I finally got to it was okay. It was a bit bland for my taste, but ultimately it was an okay read.
There were makings for a great series here. I do love how the author really does try to world build...a little. Not enough, but it is there. There were some neat twists I wasn't expecting, particularly at the end that may make me read the second book. But this is yet another fantasy that is hindered by trying to focus too much on romance/love triangles rather then actual plot which was the far more interesting part.
As I said, there some interesting things going on, so I may pick up the next book. But ultimately...this was just an okay read.
WHO SHOULD READ: Sleeping Beauty fans, romance fans, Once Upon a Time fans
MY RATING: Three and a half out of Five princesses who get raw deals

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