Monday, August 22, 2011

Book Review: The Pale Assassin

TITLE: The Pale Assassin
Book 1 in the Pimpernelles series
AUTHOR: Patricia Elliott
CATEGORY: Young adult
GENRE: Historical fiction, drama
SHORT PREMISE: A young aristocrat deals with the horrors of the French Revolution
MY REVIEW: Young Eugenie is a well to do living in France during the brink of the French Revolution. She goes from rich to poor to persecuted and having to run for her life to England.
The Pale Assassin certainly is a well researched and well written book, sadly it's only interesting to those who actually want to know more about the French Revolution. For anyone not a historical buff...this book will probably be a tad boring. Part of the problem is the summary is very misleading. From the book's summary it sounds like Eugenie gets driven into the French Revolution fight and uses her brains in court intrigue and so on. Unfortunately that does not happen. Really Eugenie is basically a spectator to the horrible events and never really goes beyond that, except at the end when she flees to England. Thus...I was rather bored despite loving the detailed history that the author put into this novel.
So it's not a bad book persay, it just wasn't what the summary made it sound like and I kind of get annoyed when that happens. But I blame the publisher not the author for that because publishers write the summary. This book is good, but you have to have a taste for it. I'd recomend it to all history buffs for sure though.
WHO SHOULD READ: history buffs
MY RATING: Four out of Five gaudy period dresses

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