Monday, August 15, 2011

Book Review: Airborn

TITLE: Airborn
Book 1 in the Matt Cruise series
AUTHOR: Kenneth Oppel
CATEGORY: Young adult
GENRE: Adventure
PREMISE: A boy finds adventure on a luxury airship.
MY REVIEW: Matt has been cabin boy on the luxury airship Aurora for a few years now and is slowly working his way up the ranks. On a routine flight they get boarded by pirates and he meets the daughter of a adventurer who claimed to see flying beasts.
I honestly don't have much to say about Airborn. I thought it was nicely written. There was a definite adventure feel to it and I adored Kate with every fiber of my being (even though sometimes I felt she was a little too perfect). But I think it suffered from dragging and the fact that it was a tad predictable.
I rec this one for younger teenage boys, anyone who loved books like Treasure Island, and anyone looking for a good adventure book.
WHO SHOULD READ: younger teenage boys, fans of Treasure Island
MY RATING: Four out of Five spyglasses

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