Thursday, April 14, 2011

Book Review: Faefever

TITLE: Faefever
Book 3 in the Fever series
AUTHOR: Karen Marie Moning
GENRE: urban fantasy, faeries, drama, romance, mystery
PREMISE: Mac finally starts to take matters into her own hands when she learns that Barrons has been keeping quite a few things from her.
MY REVIEW: Okay, Moning. I'm now officially a fan of this series. I've been on the fence about this series in the first two books because while I did find it intrigueing I wasn't thrilled with how Mac seemed to let everything happen to her and the sex stuff sort of made it feel a little trashy to me (no offense) plus I was confused about world building and such.
But now Moning has cleared up the world building and I love that she's brought all this mythology into it because now it makes it more real. Mac starts taking matters into her own hands in this and relationships are heavily tested, particularly the one between Mac and Barrons. I am now starting to really love this series. Also, holy cliff hangers, Batman!
Yes, Moning, you definately brought it in this book and have erased my doubts. I still have some issues with writing and the sex but they are minimal now and the good far outweighs the bad in this series. Can't wait to read Dreamfever and Shadowfever now.
WHO SHOULD READ: Sookie Stackhouse fans, Kelley Armstrong fans, Patricia Briggs fans, Kate Daniels fans, fans of urban fantasy
MY RATING: Four out of Five faerie spears

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