Monday, April 4, 2011

Book Review: The Devil Inside

TITLE: The Devil Inside
Book 1 in the Morgan Kingsley series
AUTHOR: Jenna Black
GENRE: Urban fantasy, paranormal
MY REVIEW: My main issue with this book which is by no means the only issue) is that I severely dislike the main character. Had I actually liked and enjoyed Morgan, I'd have given this book one more star above the one I'm about to give it. I'm sorry, if I don't like the main character it's hard for me to like the book, especially if said book is in first person POV. By all rights, I should like Morgan. She's sassy and does what she wants and yeah that's great. My problem comes from the fact that she's basically a bitch to EVERYONE. Not just bad guys or people who are mean to her (which in this book seems to be everyone for some reason) but people who are trying to help her and hell, even her supposed best friend but of course best friend turns out to be against her too so I guess that's okay? Don't get me started on her lousy treatment of her boyfriend. It's bad when you want the boyfriend to dump the MC. It didn't help that honestly she didn't have much strength and guts to back up her bitchiness. She practically has all the men she hangs out with do the tough stuff for her and frankly beyond the bitchiness there was no personality to speak of.
Then there's the constant sex scene in every other chapter, the semi-abusive relationship that was Adam and his boyfriend, and the random lets have everyone gang up on Morgan plot. Now I do concede if it weren't for the (poorly written) sex scenes, awful MC, and the disturbing Adam relationship I might have dug this book more. The world-building is interesting and there does seem to be some buildup going on.
Unfortunately as it stands, I don't like the character enough to give the next book a try and see if this gets any better. I must say I'm disappointed too because I bought this author's YA book Faeriewalker before I read this. I really hope that's much better then this otherwise I'm going to be mad about the money I wasted.
WHO SHOULD READ: Anita Blake fans
MY RATING: Two out of Five demons

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