Sunday, June 3, 2018

Modern Classic Review: The Woman in Black

TITLE: The Woman in Black
AUTHOR: Susan Hill
GENRE: Paranormal, Historical Fiction
PREMISE: A man goes an old mansion to discover it is haunted...
MY THOUGHTS: The Woman in Black is very old school ghost story du jour. I personally really enjoyed it. I believe I've mentioned I love ghosts here, well this is basically ghost story 101.
This is another book that I think is perfect for the summer. It's atmospheric, has a great creepy vibe, and builds suspense very nicely. As it's a novella, it moves very quickly, but it tells the story in a satisfactory way.
If you want a quick read that gives a nice spooky vibe for those summer thunderstorms, I highly recommend this classic ghost story.
WHO SHOULD READ: fans of ghost stories, those that have seen the movie

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