Monday, September 5, 2016

Reading Through the Classics: Madame Bovary

TITLE: Madame Bovary
AUTHOR: Gustave Flaubert
CATEGORY: Adult, Classic
GENRE: Drama, Realistic Fiction
PREMISE: A wife grows bored with her husband and life in a small town.
MY THOUGHTS: This is yet another classic that was honestly just very boring. I'll give this for the author: this one had a plot. Which is more then I can say for On the Road. It was just a very boring plot with not a terribly satisfying ending.
I've noticed Madame Bovary is one of those books people either really love or really hate. There seems to be no in between. I personally, fall into the hate category sadly. It's just so dull. I thought at least with all the scandal surrounding the publication of this book, there'd at least be sexy sex scenes, but there aren't even that. This is possibly the tamest "scandalous" book I've ever read. If you need proof that people were easily shocked in the 1800s, this book is it.
Honestly, if this wasn't a classic, I would have ditched it early on. But I have a thing with classics: I need to finish them. Other books, I'm willing to ditch in a heart beat. But classics...not so much. It's a thing I have. So this one was another bust. Hopefully my next classic: The Jungle Book is better.
WHO SHOULD READ: those interested in French literature, drama fans

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