Saturday, September 17, 2016

Book Review: You Know Me Well

TITLE: You Know Me Well
AUTHOR: Nina LaCour and David Levithan
PUBLISHED: June 2016
GENRE: Realistic Fiction, slight romance, LGBTQA
PREMISE: A guy and a girl meet at a gay club and spark a friendship that will help them get through difficulties.
MY REVIEW: This sounds like it's going to be an angsty read but honestly, this really wasn't. It was a cute breezy contemporary that was actually just what I needed at the time I found it. It does have some romance angles, but mostly it's about friendship and just being there for each other.
I confess, I've never read Nina LaCour before, so I don't know where her style is in all of this. But I have read Levithan before and like those, this was just a fun read. It's also a very quick read. I read it all in one sitting.
For the most part, this is a typical YA contemporary (but with LGBTQA characters) but there are some twists at the end that make it unique and's just a likable book. It's not ground breaking. It won't break your heart or anything. But it will put you in a good mood and there are worse ways to spend an afternoon.
WHO SHOULD READ: David Levithan fans, Nina LaCour fans, contemporary fans, those looking for light hearted LGBTQA books
MY RATING: Four out of Five happy sighs

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