Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Book Review: P. S. I Still Love You

TITLE: P. S. I Still Love You
Book 2 in the To All The Boys I Loved Before series
AUTHOR: Jenny Han
GENRE: Romance, Realistic Fiction
PREMISE: Lara Jean tries to navigate having a real relationship with Peter.
MY REVIEW: Jenny Han is my favorite late discovery this year. It's probably between her and Sarah MacLean to be honest. I finally read To All the Boys I Loved Before a few months ago and adored it. This book has cemented this author as a personal favorite. Now I definitely need to get to The Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy.
This was a good sequel and actually one of the most realistic handleings of a high school romance I've seen in YA for awhile now. The characters act like teenagers. With all the drama and misunderstandings that implies. Also I adore the relationship between Lara Jean and her two sisters. Also a parent who's actually present in their kid's life! It is a thing.
Honestly, I can probably go on forever about why I adore this series. It's cute, it just puts you in a good mood. It's just well done contemporary romance. As someone who is picky about her contemporary romance, the fact that I like this series, is honestly pretty big.
WHO SHOULD READ: Jenny Han fans, Morgan Matson fans, Realistic Fiction fans, contemporary romance fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five hand written letters

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