Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Book Review: Murphy's Law

TITLE: Murphy's Law
Book 1 in the Molly Murphy series
AUTHOR: Rhys Bowen
GENRE: Historical Mystery
PREMISE: An Irish woman immigrates to the United States to escape possible prison and becomes embroiled in a murder investigation.
MY REVIEW: I picked this one up on a whim because I've been watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Netflix and it's made me crave historical mysteries again. This was...honestly pretty much business as usual when it comes to these historical mystery series.
There's the plucky young sleuth (in this case Molly). There's historical notes to show you that the author did research. There's an interesting mystery. There's a possible love interest with a cop/detective. This series doesn't exactly break boundaries.
But it's still decent. I may pick up the next book. If you're into cozy historical mysteries, this series will certainly fit the bill.
WHO SHOULD READ: Cozy mystery series, historical mystery fans, Miss Fisher series fans
MY RATING: Three and a half out of Five plucky Irish women

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