Monday, November 4, 2013

Book Review: The Clockwork Scarab

TITLE: The Clockwork Scarab
Book 1 in the Stoker and Holmes series
AUTHOR: Colleen Gleason
PUBLISHED: September 2013
GENRE: Steampunk, Classic Book Referencing, Mystery
PREMISE: In a alternate Victorian London, the niece of Sherlock Holmes and a girl who's descended from a famous family of vampire hunters team up at the request of Irene Adler to solve a mystery.
MY REVIEW: As I've said before, sometimes there are books that are just guaranteed to make me like it. This book is one of those books. It's steampunk. It's got a mystery. It's got two girls who are classic book references themselves who team up and are generally awesome together. Basically this book was utter love for me.
Sure, there were a few too many love interests floating around in there. Some of it does drag a bit. But for the most part, I enjoyed the hell out of this. I love the world-building. The mystery was interesting. There's a much larger mystery that promises to be good.
This one was a winner for me. But I guess I was in the minority since I haven't heard that much about it from the book world. The reviews on Goodreads are mixed, but I've learned to take review scores on Goodreads with a grain of salt because people tend to get silly when it comes to the star system. For instance I saw one review that praised a book but gave it two stars because they had to wait for the next book and that's apparently dumb. So masses and I don't agree on this one. I say, check it out from the library and decide for yourself.
WHO SHOULD READ: steampunk fans, Gail Carriger fans, Mystery fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five clockwork contraptions

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