Friday, February 18, 2011

Book Review: Hex Marks the Spot

TITLE: Hex Marks the Spot
Book 3 in the Bewitching Mystery series
AUTHOR: Madelyn Alt
GENRE: mystery, urban fantasy, romance
PREMISE: Once again murder happens and Maggie is on the case of who killed an amish wood carver.
MY REVIEW: This book is pretty much like the first two Bewitching Mysteries. There are no major developments, other then Maggie finally realizes Marcus and Felicity aren't an item (to which I say DUH). So now she's caught between Tom and Marcus. But the way this series is written it's fairly obvious she'll eventually go with Marcus. Which is fine because I find Tom patranizing and close-minded anyway.
My complaints about the previous books still stand: slightly bad prose, stereotypes up the wazoo, and I'm getting a little tired of the author bashing Christians. Look, I'm no fan of the church and religious types, believe me but you know what not all of them are close-minded bigots Alt.
So my opinion is the same as the other two books, hence short review.
WHO SHOULD READ: those that have read the first two books, cozy mystery fans
MY RATING: three and a half out of five black cats

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