Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Book Review: Glass Houses

TITLE: Glass Houses
Book 1 in the Morganville Vampires series
AUTHOR: Rachel Caine
CATEGORY: Young adult
GENRE: vampires, urban fantasy
PREMISE: Claire has had enough of her dorm situation and decides to move out. Moving out however not only gives her new wierd roommates but makes her realize there's more to her college and Morganville then she realized...
MY REVIEW: The way to enjoy this series is to basically suspend a lot of disbelief. Because if you think to hard about this...a LOT of plotholes pop up. Which is kind of why I can't really give it a full four stars despite the fact that I liked it. Because there were a LOT of plotholes. The writing was also weak, and I sort of felt the whole girls ganging up to harrass Claire because of one minor embarressment was frankly over the top. Plus Claire was a little Mary Sueish for me.
But it was intriguing still. I liked that for once vampires were the enemy, not a love interest. Claire wasn't falling for one, she was falling for a normal guy. That whole aspect of the books was interesting (though again, many plotholes popped up from it too...). I also loved the humor part of the books. I liked the roommate banter (love Eve and Shane), and that though Claire is Sueish, she at least stood up for herself and didn't just let people walk over her.
So yeah, this series isn't perfect. But it isn't crappy either. I liked it well enough that I'll be continuing it because of the major cliffhanger and I'm curious to see where Caine takes it all.
WHO SHOULD READ: vampire fans, Twilight fans
MY RATING: Three and a half out of Five protection bracelets

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  1. One of my favorite series, but I also agree with just about everything you said. The whole series has numerous plotholes, but like you said, if you don't dissect it or anything it's great