Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Book Review: Shakespeare's Landlord

TITLE: Shakespeare's Landlord
PART IN SERIES: First in the Lily Bard series
AUTHOR: Charlaine Harris
GENRE: Adult, series, mystery
PREMISE: Lily Bard's peaceful life is disrupted when her landlord is murdered.
MY REVIEW: Sometimes you just need a fun mystery series that you don't have to concentrate on and this is the perfect series for that without fear of losing your brain cells. I will say I don't like this series as much as Sookie Stackhouse, but I did enjoy it (much more then I enjoyed Harper Connelly) and will be picking up the other books in the series if I see them in the library.
Lily is an interesting character. She's not Sookie, she's much colder then Sookie I thought, but she's not as jaded as I found Harper to be. There also wasn't that annoying unrealistic sense of "everyone versus Lily" that I got from the Harper series as well. I liked the feel of the town and the sense of the characters we got and I look forward to seeing more.
So, while this maybe isn't the best thing ever written, if you're in the mood for a mystery series to get hooked on (which I was), it's great. Oh, am I don't know if there's teams in this series, but I'm currently Team Claude.
WHO SHOULD READ: cozy mystery book fans, Charlaine Harris fans
MY RATING: Three and a half out of Five broomsticks

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