Sunday, May 16, 2010

Book Review: A Hat Full of Sky

TITLE: A Hat Full of Skay
PART IN SERIES: sequel to The Wee Free Men which is part of the Discworld series
AUTHOR: Terry Pratchett
GENRE: Young adult, series, humor, satire, fantasy
PREMISE: Tiffany Aching and the Wee Free Men are back having misadventures and generally causing or dealing with havoc.
MY REVIEW: If you want a book series with structured plotlines and clear points, Discworld and Pratchett are probably not for you. I do like Pratchett but sometimes when you read his stuff you're like "huh?". But for Discworld it seems to work. Besides which, there's so much humor and some brilliant inserted social commentary that you kind of grow not to care.
Pratchett's brilliance lies in his dialogue and characters. These are loveable characters that make you laugh and after reading angsty romances and books it's very refreshing reading something that isn't angst and romance or love triangles. Now, I will say in order to get this book you need to read The Wee Free Men to get most of it. It also probably helps to read the rest of the Discworld series but I haven't gotten to that yet (it's on the to read list) and it's not neccessary in order to get these books I think. But I'm sure it helps to be more familiar with it then I am.
WHO SHOULD READ: Discworld fans, Terry Pratchett fans, fantasy fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five witch hats

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