Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Book Review: The Jumbies

TITLE: The Jumbies
AUTHOR: Tracey Baptiste
CATEGORY: Middle-Grade
GENRE: Urban Fantasy
PUBLISHED: April 2015
PREMISE: Corrine isn't afraid of anything, certainly not jumbies in the forest. Those aren't even real. Or are they?
MY REVIEW: This book is a prime example of why I still read middle-grade books. It's wonderfully creative.
This book actually reminded me a lot of Coroline. It's got that same creep factor, with a great female lead that you root for, and great adventure. It slows a bit in the middle, but for the most part this book is a quick whirlwind of a read that is a fun and creative. If you have tweens looking for something new to read who love creepy books, try putting this one into their hands. If you don't have tweens, read it anyway.
WHO SHOULD READ: Coroline fans, middle-grade readers, fans of creepy fantasy books
MY RATING: Four out of Five jumbies

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