Monday, January 17, 2011

Book Review: Wildwing

TITLE: Wildwing
AUTHOR: Emily Whitman
CATEGORY: Young adult
GENRE: Romance, drama, historical fiction
PREMISE: Addy hates her life as a maid, she then gets dropped into medieval times where she gets everything she ever dreamed and meets the man of her dreams...
MY REVIEW: I won't lie, this book is basically a harlequin-esque romance novel for the tween set. Which is fine, these books fill a niche and those in the mood for a light romance will devour this book and enjoy it thoroughly. Whitman had some nice writing in here, there was a lesson to be learned, so it wasn't horrible.
Unfortunately I had trouble getting into it due to the main character. I just didn't like her. She was a obvious Mary Sue with little to no personality and was honestly quite a arrogant brat. She never got to Bella Swan level or anything (to her credit she did learn her lesson and tried to get herself out her own messes and there was a bit of character growth at the end) but she just didn't interest me at ALL. The secondary characters were just as uninteresting and two-dimensional. It just made it hard for me to get into the plot when I just didn't care about the characters. Also wasn't helpful that the plot became quickly obvious and predictable.
So it wasn't a horrible book, it was just slightly blah. Especially when you compare it to Whitman's first book Radiant Darkness which I kind of dug. For romance lovers, this one is for you. For everyone else, I'd only pick it up if you like fluffy historical romances.
WHO SHOULD READ: romance lovers
MY RATING: Three out of Five wedding gowns

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