Thursday, January 28, 2010

Book Review: Percy Jackson, book 1: The Lighting Thief

TITLE: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1: The Lighting Thief
AUTHOR: Rick Riordan
GENRE: childrens, series, fantasy, adventure
PREMISE: Percy Jackson is attacked by a monster on a school trip, kicked out of his school, and then discovers he is the half mortal son of a greek god. If that wasn't bad enough, Zeus has just accused him of stealing a lighting bolt and is threatening war if he doesn't return it.
MY REVIEW: Well, I'm on a roll today. I had a day off on work so I was able to get lots of reading done. It helps that this book is a really fast read. Now I will be honest, it IS sort of a Harry Potter rip-off. Sorry Riordan, but there are WAY too many similarities to Harry Potter for it to be a coincidence. But they are mostly artificial similarities and not enough for JKR to sue and plus the book is just so darn enjoyable you find yourself not caring. Or I didn't anyway.
One of the best things is Percy's narration. He is hysterical. Sometimes he can be frusterating true, but well...he IS a teenager. His humor and the general humor of the book is what really sold the book to me. Plus, I have a confession: I am a greek mythology geek. It was my favorite unit in high school english and I would have taken a greek myths course in college if my school had offered it at a time I could have taken it (damn art labs). So anyway, it is no surprise that I adored the references to greek myths that were slyly scattered throughout it. Granted the author may have twisted a few things, but it was still fun. I also liked that the author didn't sugar coat the gods even though the books were aimed at a younger audiece. They are still petty, greedy, childish, prone to grudges, and so on and yes they still get it on with mortals (hence the entire existance of Camp Half Blood).
So, while it may be a series look alike, it is a very enjoyable series look alike that stands on its own as good fiction. If you have boys who are reluctant to read, put this in their hands, I bet they'll love it. I cannot wait to read the rest and am now pshyched up for the movie.
WHO SHOULD READ: fans of Harry Potter, fans of greek mythology, reluctant middle school readers, fantasy/action/adventure fans
RATING: four and a half demi-gods

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