Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Book Review: Beloved

TITLE: Beloved
AUTHOR: Toni Morrison
GENRE: Historical Fiction, Paranormal
PREMISE: A family lives in a place haunted by ghosts...
MY REVIEW: I know what some of you are thinking: You haven't read Beloved????!!!! No, I haven't, until now. Remember: Bible Belt education. Teachers only taught books by straight dead white guys in my school. So I've missed out on a lot of stuff as a result. Toni Morrison was one of those things.
Now having read Beloved, I get it. I really do. Her writing is fantastic. She also does not hold back. If you are squeamish about dark subjects, her books will probably not be for you. Her books (or at least Beloved. I haven't read the rest yet, but they now are all on my list) are brutal and honest. She also doesn't care if you get hurt feelings from her criticism of white people. As a result, this gives you a LOT to think about. Like all literature, to some extent, it covers a lot of topics (and sometimes does meander in the middle).
I wouldn't call Beloved an enjoyment read. It's way too dense and dark for that. I pretty much guarantee that at one point, you will be uncomfortable about something. But it is a good read, and one I will happily be pushing into the hands of anyone interested. Also, I especially recommend reading this, after reading Gone With the Wind. It's the perfect antidote for all the romanticizing that that book does.
WHO SHOULD READ: Toni Morrison fans, Maya Angelou fans, anyone interested
MY RATING: Four and a half out of Five brutally good books

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